In Silico Biology

Between 1998 and 2010, I was acting as Editor-in-Chief of In Silico Biology (ISB), an online journal on computational biology and bioinformatics.

ISB was the first pure online journal in this scientific field, publishing documents rather than printed pages. (At that time, many conventional journals had major problems to handle citations of ISB articles, with articles numbers instead of page ranges in the bibliographic data.)

The supporting organization of ISB is Bioinformation Systems e.V., a charitable association where I'm the chairman of.

Shortly after we had established ISB, we found with IOS Press, Amsterdam, an appreciative partner for publishing the online papers as print journal.

I'm also proud to announce that ISB has published a Special Issue on Petri Net Applications in Molecular Biology, which is part of the first ISB book on Biological Petri Nets.

In 2010, we decided to forward the full responsibility to IOS Press. With this change, Jack Leunissen was first appointed as new Editor-in-Chief. Sadly, Jack passed away much too early. At present, Mads Kaerns from the University of Ottawa is the Editor-in-Chief.