June 2011:
First draft of a classification of C2H2 zinc finger factors included in the human TF classification, nearly doubling its size.

March 2011:
Reworked classification of human transcription factors including links to the Human Protein Atlas made available.

February 2011:
GeneXplain's first BMBF-funded research project (GERONTOSHIELD) launched.

January 2011:
GeneXplain's first EU-funded research project (SYSCOL) launched.

December 2010:
Another chance to strengthen existing collaborative contacts and to establish exciting new ones by visiting a number of research institutes in Japan and China.

July 2010:
GeneXplain moved to their new office space in Wolfenbüttel.

June 2010:
In the context of a collaborative project with Nanjing University, I visited our partners there (Prof. Jin Wang and her group) and gave an invited talk at the "The 3rd Bioinformatics Meeting of Jiangsu Province". I also visited Prof. Dr. Andreas Dress, Director of the PICB in Shanghai, where I gave the introductory lecture at a mini-symposium on "Network Regulation: Transcription Factors, microRNAs, Cancer, ...".

May 2010:
A first draft for a new comprehensive classification of human transcription factors has been released. Some classes are still missing, among them major ones such as the C2H2 zinc finger proteins.

April 2010:
The new company geneXplain has been founded by Alexander Kel and myself.

February 2010:
ISB has just published a Special Issue on Petri Net Applications in Molecular Biology, which is part of the first ISB book on Biological Petri Nets (February 2010).

January 2010:
By January 27th, I ceased acting as President and CSO of BIOBASE.